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 Scott Aikenís New Ministry Ė Overseeing Worship

As of October 1st, Scott is overseeing Sunday AM worship.  This is a decision that has been ďon the tableĒ for a few years now.  Much prayer and consideration preceded this decision.  However, it is not a ministry Scott will continue in if it prevents him from keeping his other priorities balanced. 

Scottís new ministry is an illustration to our whole Church about the need to remain faithful as Godís spiritually gifted children.  [Eph 5:17; 1 Peter 1:17-21; 1 Cor 3:10-15; 1 Cor 4:1-5; Rom 12:3-18; Rom 14:7-9; and Eph 4:12-16].  I would encourage families to sit down together and go over these verses.  Dads, you may want to read these texts and make sure you can explain these passages to your children.  I would pray for Godís illumination. 

A verse of great importance is Eph 4:12-16.  There is so much in this text, but let me just list a few key points:

  •  Pastors, teachers and evangelists have been given to each of Christís churches so that the members can be equipped to carry out the work of the ministry God gives to each church Ė The Great Commission. 

  • Unity in the Church is based on sound doctrine.  We are not to be children tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.  Thus, priority must be given to teaching the nourishing doctrines of Christís Word.

  • When each individual is doing what God has called him/her to do, this will have a synergistic impact on our congregation so that our entire Church family is built up in love.

With the above verses in mind, let me urge each of us to find our proper role in serving the Church family.  Let me encourage leadership to help with the task of starting up ministries and mobilizing saints to serve within these ministries so that we might carry out together the calling of The Great Commission which the Lord has given to us as one of Christís churches.

Can you imagine the benefits of serving the very bride of Christ while ensuring that other priorities do not interfere with your vital service within His Church?  Can you imagine the encouragement of nurturing our children in the Word while reinforcing what we teach through faithful ministry within Community Church.


     The critical need to lavish prayer on Leaders as we deal with the issues in last monthís Newsletter Ė you must read this! 

     Mobilization by leadership of our congregation for significant service with emphasis on our diverse giftedness. 

     Giving sacrificially by all CCSYV so that we can continue what we are seeking to do for the Lord.  We must trust God as we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness knowing that He will provide for the material needs of our family and Church even despite our difficult economy.  Matt 6:33

     We need a dynamic evangelism team.  The goal must be passionate love for Christ and the lost energized by the Spirit. You must read Augustís Newsletter.

     If you want to serve in an area, please let Leadership know! 

     Examination of our faithfulness to not forsake our own assembling together as is the habit of some.  Heb 10:25


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