October 2014


Psalm 50

We are to honor the Lord. That is one of the reasons He created us - to exalt Him and to exult joyfully and serenely in the majesty of our God. Given His infinite holiness though, we need to make sure that He is pleased with our efforts to honor Him; that is what this exquisite Psalm is about. Our Lord gives a way out of the worship that does not honor Him. This solution is found in two key verses.

VERSE 15: Honor is a response to God’s immediate presence in our lives.

Here God provides a desperately needed rebuke and a winsome encouragement. As a nation, Israel was far from God. They were offering up continuous worship including daily animal sacrifices as they pursued their own sinful ways while casting God’s words behind them, V. 16-18. They sought to honor God with their external
worship while their lives were an abomination to Him.

To the wicked, God’s rebuke is terrifying. He mercifully warns them that He will “tear them into pieces” for bringing their hypocritical
worship before Him as if He would be pleased by such hypocrisy. He rebukes them in their ignorance, “These things you have done and I kept silence; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes.” V. 21.

Many in Israel were unsaved, but God’s correction here is not just to the unbelieving. The Lord is also exhorting the remnant, “Gather My godly ones to Me, Those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice”. V. 5. Then to His true worshipers, God unveils the
dynamic of honor that glorifies Him. “Call upon me in the day of
trouble; I shall rescue you, and then you will honor me.” V. 15.

True and God pleasing worship is that which is a sincere response to the immediate presence of God in our lives. There is nothing more delightful to the human soul than His presence. It soothes our hearts, and provides us with blessed peace. And when we
experience the reality that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”, Ps 46:1, “honor” becomes an inevitable
expression of our lips. It rises fervently from the depths of our being. It ascends to the Mighty One sitting on the throne.


1. Identify those difficulties that have been pressing down upon your souls recently. What are the trials and distresses that have been causing you stress, anxiety, doubt, and/or discouragement? Bring them before the Lord in faith filled petitions for God’s deliverance.
1 Peter 5:6-7.

2 Wait for God’s response of rescue. Ps 130:6. He is faithful. Jesus Christ will deliver you from trouble. He will provide rest. The Lord will display His loving and immediate power in our lives. 2 Cor 1:8-11.

3 Then bring honor to the Lord. Shout to the Lord with joy. Ps 100:1. Express to Him the joy of His loving deliverance. This is worship that is sincere and true. This is worship produced by the Spirit of God in heart-felt response to the glory of God within you. Ps 63:1-8.

VERSE 15: Honor is overflowing gratitude to God caused by the renewed experience of salvation.

Here the Lord gives us a second key to honor that pleases Him. “He who
offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me; and to him who orders his way aright, I will show the salvation of God.” Ps 50:23. This verse should cause our hearts to leap. If we appropriate God’s grace to order our way aright, He will display His salvation in our hearts, and then we will honor Him with Spirit wrought sacrifices of thanksgiving. This salvation is Christ in you, the hope
of glory. Col 1:27.


1. Ask God to search your heart to see if there is any sinful way in you that is grieving His Spirit; Ps 139:23-24; Eph 4:29.

2. Plead with God to give you the godly sorrow that unleashes His
omnipotent power for fresh deliverance. A renewed joy of salvation will be coupled with the zeal of genuine repentance of any and all sin in our lives. 2 Cor 7:11.

3. When God displays the new sensation of Christ in your heart, offer thanksgiving to the Lord for the joyful experience of power, peace and joyful holiness provided by your infinitely gracious and merciful God. Then you will exult in Christ, and this will honor the Mighty One, God, the Lord, V. 1. Ps 107:8-9, 15, 23, 30-32.

Pastor Blain

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