December 2013

  Beholding the “Behold Your God” Series

As you know, our Wednesday nights have been dedicated to the Behold Your God series carefully and skillfully packaged by Pastor John Snyder.  It seems clear to me that our Church family is being blessed through Christ in an unusual way by what we are learning.  To some of us at least, the material has been life changing.

As a pastor who is always given to emphatic statements, you can measure the credibility of the following conclusion from me with caution – “I believe this is the most strategic and timely ministry we have experienced in the twenty-five plus years of our Church life.” 

The input from most of you has been extremely positive.  With repetition and enthusiasm, I have heard statements like “life-changing”, “critical”, “absolutely essential”, and “epic”. 

This enthusiastic feed-back from you applies to all four sections of the program:  1) The weekly devotional workbook; 2) the eight-to-ten minute historical profiles at the outset of each DVD;  3) the sermons preached to us each night by Pastor John Snyder; and 4) the collective testimonies of several Christian leaders toward the end of each DVD.

Typically our evening services, whether on Sunday or Wednesday nights, have suffered from significant attrition.  Not so with Behold Your God.  Sure, we are busy.  And some nights were smaller in number than most.  But attendance has been strikingly consistent throughout the series.  For that, I offer my praise to our merciful God.  The BYG teaching is just a smidgen of His constant and abundant goodness to us since the inception of Community Church!

With this in mind, I believe we must follow-through wisely with what we have learned.  Let’s pursue God’s will for us in our “BYG follow-up”.  I am collecting input from those who have been part of this class, and if you want to provide further input, I welcome it.  I am also urging each of you to pray for God to guide us.

My plan is to continue meeting on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 PM beginning on January 8, the second Wednesday of the New Year.  We are seeking counsel from John Snyder’s ministry.  Behold Your God is presently in pre-production, but “BYG part 2” will not be available until 2015.  They have counseled us to keep “God’s self-revelation” at the center of any plans we do make.  There is also a treasure trove of bibliographical material in Appendix B available to us for our consideration of the next step.

I have completed the devotional workbook and the DVD series.  I listened to almost every one of the twelve segments on numerous occasions.  The final segment, for which we are presently preparing in our devotional workbooks and which we will view on December 4th, the final BYG installment, is a fitting and mind-boggling crescendo in my opinion.

Given the impact on my heart throughout BYG leading up to lesson #12, I have keenly sensed the need to expose our Church to whatever will rivet our attention on the glory of Jesus Christ and on that which will drive us toward corporate prayer for revival.  But lesson #12 crystallized this conclusion.  I have listened to DVD #12 over and over again.  The impact upon my heart has been that of a blessed, soothing sensation of God’s merciful goodness mixed with a deep conviction of sin.

I am now reading several books identified in Appendix B of the workbook all of which are central to lesson #12.  My hope is that this material will help me as a Pastor.  I long to lead you toward the next step forward with BYG.  I will continue to weigh prayerfully the input from our Church family, and to ask God for clear direction for January 8th, 2014. 

Beloved Church family, will you join me in this extraordinary endeavor?

Pastor Blain

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