April 2005


 Trusting in God's Precious and Magnificent Promises

"For by these He has granted to us His precious
and magnificent promises
2 Peter 1:4

Second Peter 1:4 tells us that God has given His precious and magnificent promises to us. They are now our own personal possessions. God has lavished these promises on each person within the body of Christ. We have received these priceless promises, because as a loving Father, God is good and gracious toward those who have become His children in Christ.

Christians do tend to neglect these promises. The personal 
consequences of such neglect can be severe especially for believers enduring great trials. The powers of darkness would love it if we faced them in battle without the power and protection which these promises provide. With this in mind, allow me to remind you of the promises of God which are yours in Christ.

These promises are intended to greatly enhance the quality of
our spiritual walk. Believers need to be reminded to grab hold of these promises. They are to be internalized. They are to impact our thinking. They are to mold our emotions. They are to shape our whole attitude toward life. They are to ignite our faith enabling us to place our utmost confidence in God. These promises are laden throughout the Scriptures. They are varied, intricate and numerous. Each is fashioned by God to deal with whatever spiritual need we have. God's promises are meant to guide us through each and every trial providence

sends our way.

The promises of God intensify our spiritual insight. They
direct our focus off of our difficult circumstances and onto the greatness of our loving God. They are set forth throughout the Scripture to provoke us to consciously entrust our souls to God. They protect us from the burden and sorrow effacing our troubles on our own - apart from the Lord's sustaining power and love.

Each of God's promises is a winsome, beckoning call from a loving God urging us to walk closely with Him, to trust Him and to find Him to be entirely faithful. God's promises are great personal treasures which allow us to place our trust in God in very specific areas.

These promises are so beneficial that the Holy Spirit uses the words "precious" and "magnificent" to describe their amazing value to the believer. These promises are incomparably valuable because God is faithful to respond to each of them. If we lean upon them, He will most certainly fulfill these promises

and through them bring His grace into our lives.

For example, in Revelation 3:20 we read: "Behold, I stand at the door and
knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me."

Revelation 3:20 is one of the many promises within Scripture which assures us
of God's love and of His desire to commune with us intimately. In this wonderful promise, God expresses His longing to fellowship with us closely. This verse depicts God knocking upon the door of our hearts, so to speak, so that we might
 open our hearts and experience intimate communion with Him.

Is not Revelation 3:20 an amazing promise? Does not this single promise strongly
encourage you to draw near to God with confidence that He will draw near to you? [James 4:8] This is just one of the many promises in Scripture which have been given to God's children.

We have a vast storehouse of spiritual treasures from which we may partake at
any time simply through the exercise of our faith. Let us not walk as spiritual paupers. Let us kindle our faith. Let us rely whole-heartedly upon the promises of God.

Self Evaluation and Application: Evaluate your walk with God. Are you walking by faith? How strong has your trust been in the Lord recently? Have you been leaning upon God’s precious and magnificent promises or have you been impoverishing your soul through neglect?

Are you presently suffering in the midst of trials because your faith is weak and
inactive? If so, take the following steps to kindle your faith in God:

     •   Search the Scriptures and identify two or three promises which specifically relate to your trial.

     •   Meditate prayerfully on these promises throughout the week.

     •   Watch with confident anticipation as God demonstrates His steadfast commitment to respond to
         us because we have entrusted ourselves and our trials to Him in reliance upon the specific
         promises of His Word.

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