April 2011


Evangelism Weekend with “Lifted Up”

We have scheduled an Evangelism Weekend for this May 13-15th.  A college/high school youth choir from The Bridge Bible Fellowship Church in Reseda will be in the SYV to minister to and with us.  The plan is for them to join us in bringing the gospel to our community.  This youth choir is led by Pastor Steve Lively, a brother who loves the Lord and is a gifted worship leader and singer. 

Steve’s passion is to bring Jesus Christ to the unsaved, and to mobilize his college ministry to take the gospel to the lost.  This worship choir is called “Lifted Up”.  They include thirty-five young people.

The details have not been worked out; the general plan is as follows: 

     1.  “Lifted Up” will bless us with a mini-concert on May 15 during our Sunday morning Worship service. 

     2.  A full concert will take place on Sunday evening.

     3.  Saturday, May 14, is open for further planning. 

My heart is encouraged because I know that both Sunday morning and Sunday evening will be a great  opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and our community to our Church.  What an opportunity to love the lost and share Jesus Christ with those who attend!

It is hard to believe, but May 13-15 is only six weeks away.  Prayer for this event is vital.  Let me suggest some ways in which we may be led to pray.

     1. For God’s favor so that many unbelievers maybe exposed to the beauty of the Lord and His  saving grace
         through what they hear and see in our Church and in this college group.

     2. That the Lord would pour out a spirit of individual, family and corporate prayer for this event. Nothing
         is impossible for God.
His power will make this weekend special for all involved.  But the Lord has
         commanded us to wait on Him in prayer for the provision of His blessing.  There are few things more
         important for our Church family in 2011 than this weekend. Let’s pray.
Please consider coming to one
         or both of our corporate prayer meetings to join us as we intercede for this ministry.

     3. That the Lord will free any of us from a sense of inadequacy. May He enlarge our faith to trust in Him.
         This outreach will be opposed by the powers of darkness.  Many of us feel unprepared to share our
         faith.  We are reluctant to invite the unsaved to hear the gospel.  This is true often even though we want
         nothing more than to expose those who are perishing to Jesus Christ. Those without Christ in our
         communities are living in the world without hope and without God.  They are struggling through the
         hardships of life without the One who is our personal refuge.  Can you imagine life without Jesus?  What
         about the eternal wrath that awaits the unsaved?  What if someone had not shared Christ with us?  I
         know these issues are near and dear to you.  But why then does an opportunity like this make many of
         us feel insecure?  Is it not because Satan does not want us to be a light on a hill?  Our God is able to
         empower us to make this weekend a great blessing. Let’s pray for this!

     4. That Steve Lively and “Lifted Up” would be greatly blessed by Community Church through our joyful
         spirits and loving hospitality.

     5. That our congregation would make this weekend a priority in both personal prayer and participation. 

     6.That those planning this event will be blessed with much wisdom.  

Please mark your calendar.  More details soon!           

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