April 2014


Arthur Pink provides a good definition of the omniscience of God: “He knows everything; everything possible, everything actual; all events, all creatures, of the past, the present, and the future. He is perfectly acquainted with every detail in the life of every being in heaven, in earth, in hell. Nothing escapes His notice, nothing can be hidden from Him; nothing is forgotten by Him. His knowledge is perfect. He never errs, never changes, and never overlooks anything.”

Here are three ways in which you can apply God’s omniscience :

1. When you want to be revived in the Spirit: 2 Chron 16:9 – “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His . . .”

Here the Spirit uses a metaphor to depict God’s intimate and total knowledge of your heart. God’s eyes are pictured searching earnestly back and forth throughout the earth to their gaze on you when you are fully surrendered. With this marvelous truth to provoke you to revival, let Him find you in this state of absolute submission so that He can lift you up into the richness of abiding communion with Christ through His omnipotent power.

Because God is omniscient, He is well aware of the condition of your heart. If you are not surrendered to Him, you will forfeit much in this dreadful state, James 4:5-10. Your flesh will strive against the Spirit. The Spirit will strive against your flesh. The condition of civil war within the soul is a sad and fruitless condition that too frequently robs believers of the experience of revival in the love and joy of Christ, Gal 5:17.

The omniscient Lord knows exactly how to penetrate your heart in a way that will strongly motivate you to live your life as a love song for Christ. The power of honest confession is frequently underestimated. Call upon the Lord in refreshing candor. Drag your divided heart into His all-knowing gaze. Ask Him to renew your heart, and to destroy your double-mindedness. He is jealous, James 4:5, Ps 23:3.

God is the one who restores and revives through His righteousness,
Ps 119:40, and through His lovingkindness, Ps 119:88; Ps 147:11. He does this by His Word, Ps 19:7-8; Ps 119:25, 93, 107, 149, 154, 156, 159, and by the power of His Spirit, Eph 5:18-21. He does this by overcoming your resistance as you expose yourself honestly Him. Ps 32:2, James 4:8-9.

2. When you are burdened by your personal weaknesses and
inadequacies: Ps 103:14 - “For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.”

You never need feel lonely, unloved, depressed and/or misunderstood by everyone else. Your God is always with you. He understands you fully. He will never forsake you so what can others do to harm you, Heb 13:5?

He alone knows everything about the way you were raised. Your all-knowing Lord
understands completely all the ways that others have mistreated you in the past. He knows the weaknesses, mistakes, and blunders that habitually tend to weigh you down.

He knows your “frame”. God is intimately acquainted with your individual nuances - the unique bent of your personality. He discerns far better than you do what weighs you down about yourself. And despite all this, He loves you, and delights in you, Ps 149:4. He is the one person in whose presence you can be transparently vulnerable. He is a friend of sinners. Psalm 34:18 - The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

When we long to be in the presence of dear friends whom we can trust to encourage us because they love us unconditionally, let us remember that never is there a friend so dear and near as Jesus. You can draw close to the God of mercy and comfort , 2 Cor 1:3-5, and pour out your heart before Him, Ps 62:6. He will come alongside you to meet you in your fears and failures. He will give you His peace, Jn 14:27;
Phil 4:6-7. He will take your own inadequacies and complete you with His sustaining grace, 2 Cor 12:7-10.

3. When you want to enhance the fervency and focus of your prayers: Acts 10:4 “And fixing his gaze on him and being much alarmed, he said, ‘What is it, Lord?’ and he said to him, ‘Your prayers and alms have ascended as a memorial before God.’”

Your prayer life is one of the most important factors in your day, James 5:16. Its
fervency and focus will take you places in your spiritual walk that you cannot otherwise go, Lk 11:5-13; 18:1-8. God hears the prayers of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and He satisfies those longing cries of supplication beyond what we can ask or imagine, Matt 5:6; Eph 3:20. If you are a genuine believer, you know that prayer is crucial. But you also will readily confess your struggles to maintain the
prayer momentum needed.

The truth of Acts 10:4 should awaken your prayer life. We memorialize important events in our lives to kindle afresh in our minds important events. Even a framed
picture taken many years ago can quicken cherished memories. But God does not need a memorial of our prayers. The ancient past is as familiar to Him as the far
distant future. Here the Spirit writing through Luke is encouraging all believers to treat their prayers as indelibly precious in God’s sight. Every request is like a memorial in His omniscience. He does not forget even your shortest requests.

Like Cornelius, every prayer you offer in the Spirit ascends before the face of the Lord as a constant memorial provoking Him to action. He listens to your cries far more
intently than you offer them. He longs for you to ascend your prayers before Him. He will never forget each of your prayers. He will internalize your prayers. He will faithfully respond to your prayers. In reliance upon this truth, raise up your praise and petition as that which provokes radical change in your Church family, in your personal family, in the tragically unsaved, and in your own heart

Pastor Blain

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