May 2011


Words of Encouragement & Exhortation to Moms in Our Church

(And Some Advice to Their Husbands)

Let me express my deep admiration & appreciation for the godly Mothers in our church. You are doing
an excellent job with your kids. In honor of Motherís Day, please permit me to use this newsletter to

provide a little encouragement & exhortation to you from Godís Word.

Abide In Christ: [John 15:1-11]
Having watched Sherrie deal with the rigors and responsibilities of raising our children, I appreciate that mothering involves hard work and sacrifice.There is no way moms can handle their jobs in their own strength. Moms, remember to abide in Christ. Like a branch taking in the sap from the vine, let His strength, love and life flow through you as a personal resource and a blessing to your children. Fight for your hard-to-come-by time in prayer and Godís Word. Consciously lean on Him moment by moment.

Advice to Husbands:
Take over the chores of your wives to allow them special time to get away and be with the Lord for spiritual renewal and refreshment.

Put Your Ultimate Confidence In God, Not Your Husband: Ps 61 & 62]
No husband can provide moms with the security and spiritual protection that they need to flourish. Husbands are made of "clay" and fail frequently. Wives, if your primary dependency is on your husband, you are headed for frequent

disappointments. It is fine to lean on your husband providing that you are placing your utmost reliance upon Christ. Put your confidence in the Lord. He alone is our rock and refuge.

Be A Wife First, Then A Mom: [Gen 2:15-24]
Eve was given to Adam as his completer. The Hebrew word often translated "helpmate" is more correctly translated complement or completer. Eve was given to complete Adam. This was Godís plan for Adam even before the fall. Adam had a perfect relationship with God, yet he was designed by his Maker to need completion in and through his relationship with his wife.

Correspondingly, Eve was designed to find great satisfaction and fulfillment as her husbandís complement.

Mothering is a demanding job. But donít let the constant needs of your children prevent you from being your husbandís wife. You have been designed by God to experience great satisfaction in your marriage. Joy and fulfillment in your role as a wife will make you a stronger mother.


Advice To Husbands: Letís make sure that we take our wives out from their roles as moms. We need to give them a break from mothering. We should regularly create situations where they are reminded of their importance as our wives. When you gather the family together for prayer, remember to pray for them in their role as wives. Praise God for the specific things your wives do to bless you. Date nights are helpful to give them a break from the kids. Notes of encouragement to them as your beloved are very encouraging. Donít forget affection. Hold their hand. Remember the gentle embrace. Help them be your wife first, and then mom.

Display Godís Glory To Your Children By Honoring Your Husbands: [Eph 5:22-24] God has designed the family structure with diversity of function and authority. Children are to submit to their parents. Wives are to submit to their husbands. Husbands are to submit to Christ as the Head [1 Cor 11:3]. Submission is not inequality. Even the Lord of Lords surrendered Himself to the Fatherís will while ministering to our needs [Phil 2:5-11]. One of the most powerful things that a mother can do is to model submission to her children by honoring her husband. This will strengthen your husband. It will also stimulate your children to honor and respect mom, dad and the Lord.

Become An Expert In The Instruction And Discipline Of Your Children But Stay In A Secondary Role To Your Husband: We live in an evil day [Eph 5:15-17]. The pull of sin on our children is strong. Peer pressurecan be deadly. You must redeem the time. Become an expert on Biblicaldiscipline. Master the parenting program provided through our church. Saturate your children with Godís Word [Deut 6:6-10].  But do not major role in this. Scripture puts the primary responsibility on your husband [Eph 6:4]. Excel in this area along with your husband [Prov 6:20]. Stand next to him with gentle encouragement. If you and your husband need help, let us know.

Balance Yourself Between Relationships With Your Children And Managing Your Household: Are you a "Martha" or a "Mary?" If you are naturally attracted toward management of the household, make sure you balance your mothering by spending extensive, quality time nurturing your relationship with each of your children [Titus 2:4]. If you tend to excel in relationships but are a poor manager of the home, take steps to strengthen your management skills [Titus 2:5; 1 Tim 5:14].

Make Our Churchís Discipleship Ministry For Women A High Priority: Titus 2:1-5]. We want to provide consistent Discipleship for the women in our Church. The importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. The strength of our church in large part is based on the ladies of our church serving effectively in their distinctive roles as older women, younger women, wives, mothers, widows and singles. Our goal is to equip ladies in their God ordained assignments to build and strengthen the body. I want to thank you

for your help in this critical ministry and urge you to maintain your support and involvement.


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