May 2013

Bringing Living Water to the Lost

John 4:7 "There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said to her, ĎGive Me a drinkí". The words of our Lord to the Samaritan begin His sovereign ministry of mercy to her. Jesusí intent is to rescue her parched soul from sin. He then works through her to bring living water to her home town [See John 4:40-42].

With this in mind, Jesus left Judea very early in the morning intent on arriving at Jacobís well at the precise moment she did. He has traveled about 20 miles on foot. It is high noon. He is thirsty and extremely tired.

More importantly, the Lord knows this woman is spiritually thirsty and exhausted. She arrives in the heat of the day likely to avoid the shame of drawing water when the other women of her town would do so Ė in the cool of early evening. Sin has ravaged her soul and her life.

So Jesus asks her to draw water from the well. He then skillfully transfers from the physical to the spiritual. The Lord states that if she knew who He was she would ask Him to satisfy her spiritual thirst with His "living water". This water is a "well" placed by Him within the soul at salvation springing up to eternal life.


  1. Confess a lack of Christ-like initiative toward the lost: Be honest with your Lord in confession that is without self-deceit [Ps 32:2]. Jesus longs to build His Church. The gates of hell cannot thwart His passionate, indomitable work. He has commanded you to "go" with His supreme authority and in His absolute power [Matt 28:16-20]. To the extent that you are hindering Him from saving the lost through you, confess your sin. Given Pastor Cyprianís powerful message last week, should you confess that you are too often "asleep" while the lost perish all around you? If the answer is "yes", then ask for His wake-up call of you and of our Church family.

  2. Drink from His water continually: We cannot repent of neglect toward the lost in our own strength. No, we must drink from the well within us. Only then will we be driven by His compassion and with His confidence to bring living water to parched souls. In Ps 51:12-13, David makes the sequence crystal clear the experience of salvationís joy precedes effective evangelism by Godís children. If we are drinking abundantly from the water of Christ springing up from within, we will more likely take the initiative when we see the lost desperately trying to satisfy their thirst from empty cisterns. Jer 2:13 "For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water".
  3. Plead with God to take you to your own "Jacobís well": Your own "Jacobís well"  is a God ordained appointment through which He grants you a live-saving conversation with the dead. "You do not have because you do not ask." [James 4:2]Christ commands us to beg Him to thrust out workers into the plentiful harvest because the workers are few [Matt.9:37-38]. Pray that He will thrust you out into the harvest! Beg Him to do so with the perseverance of the midnight knocker [Luke 11:5-12]. Why? Because it is a matter of eternal life  and everlasting damnation.

  4. Take the initiative with those whom God places into your day: If we ask, seek and knock, we will receive. Jesus longs to use us as His own body so that His words of salvation might be heard by the perishing. Faith comes through hearing, but they cannot hear if we do not share the gospel with them [Rom 10:14-15]. Letís lean on Him as we transition from the physical to the spiritual in order to prompt them to ask Jesus for His living water. Someone took the initiative with us. Wow, we are so glad they did! Letís do likewise for Him and for the spiritually dead!

Commenting on Jesusí words to the woman of Samaria, J.C. Ryle aptly describes them as a "gracious act of spiritual aggression upon the sinner." Aggression is ordinarily a negative term. It suggests a rude and hostile act and/or statement upon another. However, in this context, Jesusí "aggression" was an assault upon the powers of darkness and upon sin which held this woman in bondage.

She was enslaved to her adultery. This adultery merely manifested her bondage. Enslavement to the powers of darkness and to sin has placed everyone lost in the SYV under a dominion taking them toward hell. Letís bring the powers of the kingdom of God upon them in the love of our Savior [Col 1:13]. Let Jesus use us to shatter their spiritual chains. Let Him use us to prompt them to ask for His living water. How can we not assault the forces of darkness through Christ in order to rescue those headed toward the unquenchable fires of hell?                                         

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