June 2006


 The Son of David

Two Blind Men with Great Spiritual Vision

2 Sam. 7:12-17; Is. 9:6-7; Matt. 1:1; Lk. 1:32-33, 68-69; Matt. 21:9, 15-16

 In our study of Matthew on Sunday mornings there is no way to convey adequately the depth of truth in each passage. The Word of God is boundless and to convey the passage fully would take hours. I realize that the congregation has lunch plans, other responsibilities, the need to rest their tired bodies and that young couples need to put their children down for much needed naps.  

Lately my sermons have been pretty long. Within a few hours of studying my mind and heart are very excited about the subject of the text. The temptation to continue studying is almost irresistible. When too much research is done, it is difficult to confine the sermon to a reasonable length. There is at the same time a desire to move through the gospel of Matthew at a reasonable clip knowing the length of Matthew and the other books of the Bible from which I would love to preach.  

From time to time I may ease some of my dilemma encouraging the church family to do further study on a text if they are inter-ested. The assignment of course is not mandatory. But you will be greatly blessed by the results of your study. What you leam will also provide excellent material for your devotions with your children. It is surprising what our children can understand if they are saved and have the anointing of the Holy Spirit which all Christians have.  [See 1 John 2:20,27]  

Last week I was preaching through Matt 9:27-31. I was astound-ed when the two blind men combined three theologically monu-mental concepts together as they sought healing from Christ.  There was so much truth in the passage I could not preach it all.  If you study the verses listed above and at the end of this study you will see that there were three truths which strongly guided the blind men as they approached Christ for help. 

ē Firstly, they were addressing Christ as the Son of David. They knew He was the Messiah of the Abrahamic  Covenant. They knew also that He was the key descendant of David identified by God in 2 Sam 7 who would descend from Davidís line and be an everlasting King. These blind men also knew that in the future Christ would reign over the nation of Israel, over every nation, and over the entire universe. At salvation the Son of David also becomes our sovereign King and we are transferred from Satanís domain into His eternal kingdom.

ē Secondly, responding to Christís question about whether they believed He [Christ] had the authority and power to remove their blindness, the blind men responded in Matt 9:28, ďYes, Lord.Ē The term Lord [kurios in the Greek] is a term in this context which refers to Christís sovereign, supreme rule and mastery over everything and everyone in the universe.

             ē Thirdly, as the blind men, blessed with the clearest of spiritual vision, address Davidís descendant,
     the  everlasting King through the Davidic Covenant, and as they refer to Him as Lord, the universal
     supreme ruler, Matthew shows us that these blind men realized that the only biblical basis through
     which they could seek favor from one vested with such divine Majesty was to address Him on the
     basis of His infinite mercy.

Often the term ďmercyĒ is translated lovingkindness in Scripture. Everywhere throughout the Old and New Testament the Spirit uses this term to describe Godís strong willingness to overlook the sins of man and withhold from Him the wrath which he so thoroughly deserves. God withholds from believers hell. When God does this. He exercises His everlasting and abundant mercy.

When the Lord, the Son of David, the King of the universe, saw these two blind men desperately seeking from Him that which they did not deserve, He relieves them of the consequences of sin and provides them with physical healing. It is likely, given the spiritual substance of their faith, that they also were saved spiritually at the same time that God removed their blindness although it is true that Matthew does not explicitly say this. But the response of gratitude compelled them to go throughout the whole land telling everyone they could find ďabout Him.Ē This seems to be conduct consistent with conversion notwithstanding the stem warning of v. 30.

In a nutshell, let me just summarize the truths which come out of a study of the verses which I have listed. Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of Godís covenant with David to one day raise up a descendent of David who would be an everlasting and universal King. Secondly, Christ came in humility but nevertheless He came as sovereign Lord who is to reign over our lives at every moment and in every circumstance. This is a blessed, peaceful, reign in which we as His servants rest in His perfect rule over our lives. Lastly, the blessings of coming under Christís rule deliver us from the insidious dominance of Satan who reigns over all unbelievers until through the gospel they are transferred from

the domain of darkness and into the dominion of Christís kingdom of light. With this last thought in mind, I urge you to read the following verses and rejoice that Christ is Master over your soul: Acts 26:18-20; Rom 10:9; 2 Cor 4:1-7; Col 1:13-14; 1 John 5:19. Please share these great truths will your children.

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