June 2008



The Church at Philippi models for us the love and support that a church should provide missionaries. In Phil 1:5, Paul states that the church at Philippi had participated [“partnered”] with him in the gospel “from the first day until now.” This Church supported Paul in the spreading of the gospel from the time they were planted to the present circumstance of the apostle’s imprisonment in Rome because of his missionary activities.

In 1:7 Paul further states, “I have you in my heart, since both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you all are partakers of grace with me.” Paul and the Church of Philippi shared in the grace of God as this Church endeavored to support Paul in his missionary work in order to defend and confirm the spread of the gospel. As a result, Paul speaks with great affection when he writes of this beloved Church stating that “I have you in my heart”. Don’t you just long that all of our missionary partners could say that about Community Church of the SYV?

Brother and sisters, let us pour all that we are in Christ to support our missionary friends so strongly that we are affectionately located in the center of their hearts, because of steadfast, affectionate, practical, sacrificial support?

In Phil 2:25-30 Paul acknowledges the sacrificial service of Epaphroditus, a member of the congregation at Philippi, who had been sent by this Church to assist Paul in the work of the Gospel and who had risked his own life in his service while ministering with Paul for the sake of the gospel.

Paul writes this letter from his prison cell in Rome and speaks of the financial support that the Church at Philippi had sent to him for his support on more than one occasion – Phil 4:15-16: “You yourselves also know, Philippians, that at the first preaching of the gospel, after I left Macedonia, no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you alone; for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs.”

The church at Philippi was beloved by Paul. They endeavored to help Paul strategically in the work of the gospel. They did much to help meet his financial needs, and they sent from their own congregation Epaphroditus to aid Paul in his missionary endeavors. They were true partners with Paul as a church helping to vitally support this great missionary. Let us be as the Church of Philippi for each of our missionary “partners”!!

JUNE MISSIONARY EMPHASIS MONTH: During the month of June we will be emphasizing our Mission’s program for several purposes:

Informing our Church family of various missions’ ministries so that we can pray individually, as couples, as families and as a Church family with an increased concern and awareness of the specific ministry needs of various missionaries.

Highlighting certain missionaries with whom we have a special relationship: in some cases this involves a commitment to partnership pray fervently; in other cases this includes a commitment as a Church to support these missionaries on a monthly with critically needed financial support.

Exposing our children to missionaries so that the Lord may deepen their commitment to the monumental priority of Missions.

Exposing our Church family more intensely to certain missionaries so that our prayers are more fervent and so that we will understand the importance of encouraging these missionaries in the creative ways that the Spirit reveals to us.

Interacting with these missionaries so that they and their work “are in our hearts”:

THE KLIES FAMILY AND JUNE 8th: We help support Jonathan and Noella Kleis in their work as church planters in Northern Italy. On this special Sunday, Jonathan will be taking the pulpit in the AM. This brother can preach with power! In the evening they will delight our souls with a report of all that God has been doing in and through them. YOU CANNOT MISS THE AM AND PM SERVICES!

CODY FISHER’S IRAQ MINISTRY, JUNE 22ND: I am so excited to attend this service. What Cody has done in Iraq cannot be explained except through the enabling power of God. THIS EVENING WILL CHANGE OUR HEARTS!

A PREVIEW OF THE JULY CZECH MISSIONS TRIP, SUNDAY PM, JUNE 29TH: Lynda and Dennis McBride and David Gibbs will be leaving on July 2nd to assist Peter and Sonya Smith in their church planting work in Kladno, Czech Republic. This ministry will provide ample opportunity to present the share Jesus with the lost. We will be previewing this ministry. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE!

Knowing the financial situation in our Church, these three have committed to paying for their own expenses for this ministry. Let us pray designating funds for this trip above and beyond what we would normally give to our Church to help reduce or remove their personal cost! I believe they should be sent out fully by our Church [prayers and $]!

Let us be as Philippi was to Paul!


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