JUNE 2010


 Nine Truths About Godís Love   

Our Church is moving forward with Evangelism.  One of the main motivators to witness to the perishing, with Godís glory being the TOP motive, is the Lordís love.  We have Godís love if we are His.  Let His beloved at CCSYV tell others who are lost that they may be rescued like we have been.  So letís meditate on His love by focusing on the following: 

    1.   GODíS LOVE FLOODS US Ė Rom 5:5:  At salvation, the Spirit entered our hearts and
          deluged us with Godís love. This is a Divine outpouring.  It has been lavished upon us in
           immeasurable torrents.  The one who trusts in Godís love will experience it and wants to share it. 

  1. 2.      THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION TO THE REDEEMED Ė Rom 8:1:  We are a Church committed to the exposition of Godís Word and personal holiness.  When the Spirit uses His Word to convict us, Satan often will seek to convince us that God has rejected us.  What a sordid lie!  We

    must not confuse Godís loving correction with Satanís condemnation.  We are clothed in Christís righteousness. 

    3.   GODíS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL Ė Rom 5:6-10: Christ  displayed His love toward us by
          dying for us when we were ďrebellious sinners.Ē  How much more will Christ continue to keep us
          engulfed by His love now that we are reconciled (made intimate friends) to Him?  If He loved us as
          His own enemies [10], how much more will He continue to love us now?  This love did not come nor
          does it diminish because of our merit.  GOD LOVES US BECAUSE HE IS LOVE!


    4.   GODíS LOVE FOR US CANNOT BE DESTROYED Ė Rom 8:35-39 Paul tells us that nothing
          can separate us from Godís love.  It is fixed upon us.  God is intricately involved in every detail of our
          lives.  He is weaving all things together for our good [8:28].  No man, circumstance or demon can
          distance us from this constant, indestructible love.


    5.   GODíS LOVE IS MEGA-ABUNDANT Ė Ps 103:10-13 ďAs high as the heavensĒ Ė Wow!  This
          is a limited picture of Godís love for us.  Our minds cannot grasp a metaphor adequate to express His
          limitless love for us.  We could try to picture this by looking out on a dark, ďmoonlessĒ night, and see
          the stars knowing that they are just part of the Milky Way galaxy and that there are billions of galaxies
          with countless light years separating them, and then some primitive glimpse of this metaphor can begin
          to help us.  But remember that Godís infinite love is way beyond this colossal metaphor.  So let us exult
          in His mega love for us if we are His.  Let us tell those without God in this world about it.  Are we not
          bound for countless reasons to do this? 


   6.   GODíS LOVE IS BEFORE OUR EYES Ė Ps 26:3Have you ever had ďspotsĒ before your eyes
         after your picture was taken?  When the psalmist states that the love of God is before his eyes, he is
         describing what is true of all of Godís people.  This is your reality if you are His!  Godís love is super-          imposed over all our lives.  Friends may forsake us, life may be tough (really tough), Godís Word may
         convict us of our sin, or we may be attacked by demons, but the image of Godís love cannot be
         divorced from the consciousness of the believer who is partaking of this love.  Wherever we are, the
         ďspotsĒ of Godís love are before our eyes.


   7.   GODíS LOVE SURROUNDS US Ė Ps 32:10When David delayed repentance, God made life
          miserable for him until the son of Jesse repented. This was to restore fellowship with David whom God
          loved.  In [10] David describes the restoration work of God:  ďBut he who trusts in the Lord,
          lovingkindness shall surround him.Ē  When convicted by God of our sin, let us repent ASAP!  Then we
          shall experience Ps 51:13.  ďThen I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will be converted
          to You.Ē


   8.    GODíS LOVE IS EVERLASTING Ė Ps 136This is repeated in each verse of this Psalm, but not
          once too often.  His love toward us is never-ending; it is boundless.  It is eternal and in Christ, through
          Christ it has pierced the temporal realm into our hearts.  He will not stop this love toward us.  It
          preserves us each instant on this earth; it will usher us into heaven.  It will dominate us eternally.


    9.   GODíS LOVE IS COMPELLING Ė 2 Cor 4:14-15It controls us. Literally it hems us between
          two walls.  It dominates us to live for Him rather than self. Christ died on the cross of His perfect
          sacrifice for this end. This love will cause us to point many others to that cross.    


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