July 2015


Sanctioning Homosexual Marriage

We Should Seek Revival:  When God informed Abraham that he was going to destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah because “their sin was exceedingly grave”, Abraham wrestled with the Lord in prayer seeking a reversal of God’s decision to unleash His wrath.  The basis of Abraham’s argument was that God should not destroy the city if there were a righteous remnant present among this populace.  The Lord patiently explained to Abraham that such a remnant was not present. Thus Abraham of course deferred to God’s judgment. Genesis 18:22-33.

 Genesis 19 does not indicate that God always promises to withhold the unleashing of His wrath when a righteous remnant is present within a city or a country.  There are many examples in Scripture where God brought devastating judgment upon Israel notwithstanding the presence of a righteous remnant.   Nevertheless, this text sets forth a general principle - if the body of Christ anticipates the increased likelihood of God’s wrath upon our Country in response to the Court’s ruling, it would be wise for the Church to seek revival. 2 Chron 7:12-14

 With Revival There Is Peace About The Future: True revival results in the transformation of believers who are experiencing their first love, Rev 2:4.  And with the experience of that “first love”, there is peace regarding the possibility of persecution upon Christian schools who do not hire homosexuals and upon churches who do not conduct their homosexual wedding ceremonies.  The God who delivered His Son over for us on the cross will provide all that we need to face whatever eventually does happen in the future. Rom 8:32

 With Revival There Is A Great Commission Focus: The Church needs to focus on revival, not political action. I am not saying that all believers should avoid political action.  I praise God for brothers like Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ who are in Washington DC seeking to protect our religious freedoms.   What I am saying is that the preeminent calling of the Church as a whole is the Great Commission.  We are not to fix our attention on legal battles to fight against the loss of religious freedom.  We have a grand and non-delegable task to carry out.  We best not get distracted from this assignment.  Matt 28:18-20. A revived Church refuses to allow anything to interfere with being placed by God onto the “front lines” to rescue sinners including homosexual spouses.

 With Revival There Is Gratitude: With the peace and focus on the Great Commission that revival produces, there will be gratitude to the Lord for the abundant religious freedom that we enjoy presently, and have enjoyed for hundreds of years in America.  Our past as well as our present religious freedom in the United States is historically unprecedented.  Appreciation for these privileges should motivate us to use them now more than ever. The Court’s decision only highlights what has been obvious for many years – our Nation needs the bride to exercise her religious freedom.  Let us prayerfully and intentionally spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

 With Revival There is Confidence in the Gospel: Confidence in the gospel’s power to transform is critical if we are to respond to the High Court’s decision with wisdom.  Secularists steeped in powerless worldly philosophies offer a false and damning hope to homosexuals. Their teachings serve only to chain homosexuals more tightly to the very sins which will ruin their lives on earth and which will make their eternity in the fires of hell hotter. Prov 5:21-23, Rev 20:11-15.

 Revived believers exude great confidence in the power of Christ to overcome sin. All of us who are saved still struggle with the lusts of the flesh which wage war in the members of our body, Gal 5:17; 1 Pet 2:11.  When we succumb to these powerful lusts, the consequences in our lives can be staggering.  We grieve the Holy Spirit,

Eph 4:30; Ps 32:3-4. We feel trapped and helpless, Jn 15:5.  We once again are ruled by our sin until restored by our faithful Shepherd, Ps 23:1-3; 1 Pet 2:25; Ps 32

 When told by secularists that our calls for repentance will do irreparable harm to those who supposedly have been born with natural, same sex inclinations, we will speak to them with a fixed confidence in the power of the gospel of salvation.  And why is that?  Because we personally are experiencing Christ’s ongoing merciful deliverance in our own souls. Those who are continually being washed in the blood, 1 Jn 1:7, will have bold confidence in the power of the cross to deliver homosexual spouses regardless of the depth of their enslavement to this sin.

 With Revival There is Love for Married Homosexuals: When Simon was asked by our Lord who loves the most, the one who has been forgiven more or the one who has been forgiven less, even he, the self-righteous hypocrite, had to respond, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more”, Luke 7:42-43

 Revival produces a profound depth of intimacy with the Holy One, Prov 3:32; Isaiah 6:1-7; 57:15.  With depth of communion, there is much forgiveness.  With much forgiveness from God, there is a fervent and tender love toward homosexuals.  It is out of this humility and love that our gospel outreach to homosexuals will be effective.  Otherwise in our gospel pleadings to snatch homosexuals out of the fires of hell, Jude 22-23, we are useless, noisy gongs and clanging symbols, 1 Cor 13:1.

 NOTE: I have placed on the table in the foyer an article written by Pastor John Piper because I agree with his response to last week’s Supreme Court decision legalizing homosexual marriage.  I praise God for his response, and I commend this article to you for your review!

Pastor Blain

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