August 2014


The following are four principles from God’s Word prompting ongoing transformation in Christ.

Seek the face of Christ: This month’s exhortation is a further application of this life-changing theme from July’s newsletter in which I cited Psalm 105:4, where God has commanded us to seek His “face” and strength continually. There can be no discovery of God’s face without Christ’s power because there is too much opposing such a steadfast, continuous pursuit.

Here are some steps which I think are crucial to the pursuit of Christ’s face:

1. Make your time with Christ in His Word a daily non-negotiable. Psalm 1

2. Ask the Spirit to reveal the face of Christ to you throughout your intake of His Word. This is what the Spirit of God is in you to do! 2 Cor 3:17-18

3. Seek to learn more about the Bible. But make the disclosure of your Lord in His Word through the Spirit your ultimate and daily ambition throughout your “quiet time”.

4. Ask yourself this question continually - “what does this text tell me about my Lord?”

5. Look at the Word of Christ as the Spirit’s mighty sword to cut through the dullness and hardness of your sin nature. Heb 4:12 By faith, expect His sword to show you Christ’s beauty. In the exposure to His beauty, confidently anticipate an increased hunger to be more like Him. His Word is a dynamic mirror. It reveals Christ, and thus increases your longing to be transformed in very specific areas. James 1:18-25.

Seek the cleansing of the Spirit: One of the dominant truths of Scripture is its omnipotent transforming power. But the Word teaches that this trans-formation is hindered when we are not freshly surrendered and cleansed while spending time in it.

Here are some helps to follow at the outset and throughout your “quite time”:

1. Devote yourself in prayer imploring the Spirit to accomplish in you the dynamic of Heb 4:12 [see above]. Often we have not because we ask not. James 4:2. The Word is a sword so sharp it pierces to the core of our souls to bring God’s evaluation of our conduct as well as our motives. This evaluation from our Lord will be very consoling and edifying. But it will also be dreadfully convicting.

Pastor Blain

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